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Build Modern
Mobile Web Apps
Faster & Easier

AngularJS and Node.js are changing the landscape of modern web app dev.

NTG is a leading provider of AngularJS & Node.js training and application

development services.   Contact us to learn more.

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Your Meteor

Meteor is an open source platform for building web & mobile apps in pure

JavaScript. NTG’s 3 day Meteor training course is designed to enable

enterprise developers to hit the ground running with Meteor app dev.

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NTG is Adobe's Foremost Connect Partner in Canada

Adobe Connect is a web conferencing platform for web meetings, eLearning and webinars. It powers mission critical web conferencing solutions end-to-end on virtually any device.

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Adobe CC 2014 & Captivate 8 Training Offered By NTG

NTG now offers Captivate 8 classes, Introductory and Advanced, and Authorized CC 2014 training, Express and Full-length, on all core CC products.

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New Toronto Group is a mobile, desktop and web application consultancy and a Gold Level Reseller of Adobe Connect.

We excel at building mobile applications, and are a Gold Level Adobe Connect Reseller. New Toronto Group, an Adobe Authorized Training Centre, can provide expert and often customized training in software development and business applications. The explosive growth of mobile applications worldwide has created an opportunity for businesses to interact with customers like never before. New Toronto Group's consultants can help you build mobile applications that truly resonate with your customers. We specialize in HTML5 cross platform application development.

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  • angular-deferred-bootstrap - New Toronto Group

    by Alain Thibodeau

    in AngularJS


    I wanted to share a helpful AngularJS component that has helped me in the past; perhaps it can also help you one day. In the last year I worked on AngularJS applications that required me to get data from… 

  • An Introduction to AngularJS Interceptors - New Toronto Group

    by Doug Riches

    in AngularJS

    An Introduction to AngularJS Interceptors

    From time to time when making $http requests in Angular, we find the need to pre and post process each request/response. Luckily AngularJS’s $httpProvider has an array property called interceptors that… 

  • The Definition of Bad - New Toronto Group

    by Sean Hopen

    in code, The Definition of Bad

    The Definition of Bad

    Sometimes you just want to flame out like Linus Torvald at a Microsoft meet-up, but not a good idea one-on-one, not with a client nor a co-worker. Take a breath. Respect is all-important. Almost everyone…