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NTG introduces an in-depth AngularJS training course

| Posted on August 08th, 2014 by Ed Van Beilen

New Toronto Group is proud to introduce an in-depth AngularJS training course for developers who are ready to take their JavaScript applications to the next level. More than a library, AngularJS is a fully-realized, Open Source framework, sponsored by Google. Becoming increasingly popular, AngularJS has been described by its founder as what HTML would have been had it been created for web applications.

In this course, students will learn the fundamental principles behind the framework and be exposed to the following AngularJS features: two-way data binding, modules, dependency injection, directives, controllers, services, filters, routes. forms and validation, animation and much, much more.

This course was designed and constructed by NTG developers who have used AngularJS extensively in real-life projects.   As such, the training includes many of the development tips, tricks and best practices that can’t be found in off-the-shelf AngularJS books. The course is highly interactive and features a large amount of student labs and hands-on coding.

Click Table of Contents for more details.

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