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Debugging WebWorks applications using the PlayBook simulator and Google Chrome - New Toronto Group

BlackBerry WebWorks training material gets a refresh!

| June 10th, 2014 by Rod Nolan

 You're reading this because something in the headline or the summary caught your attention. Was it "build mobile applications"? BlackBerry? HTML5? Maybe all of the above? Regardless, I'm glad you're here and I'm excited to announce that we're about to wrap up an entirely new version of the training course whose first version was born back in the BlackBerry PlayBook days. And, boy, has a lot changed.…

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Faster QProperty Coding - New Toronto Group

Faster QProperty Coding

| June 25th, 2013 by Sean Hopen

A number of my students have been asking about an easier way of creating QProperties. QProperties are great, but they can take a bit of time to create.  The basic declaration is simple enough… Q_PROPERTY ( int size READ size WRITE set Size NOTIFY sizeChanged FINAL); …but then you have to write the getter, the setter, a signal, their declarations and implementations. Each QProperty takes a minimum…

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Debugging WebWorks applications using the PlayBook simulator and Google Chrome - New Toronto Group

Faster testing for BlackBerry WebWorks apps

| May 27th, 2013 by Rod Nolan

If you are a web developer, this post will help you save time. It's about a tool called Live Reload and I use it speed up the testing process when I'm developing BlackBerry WebWorks apps. Live Reload allows you to put a watch on a folder so that whenever any file within that folder is saved, browsers that are connected to the associated URL can be instructed to refresh themselves automatically. WebWorks…

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BlackBerry Hackathons - Come out and Play(Book)! - New Toronto Group

The Gist of Code Sharing

| April 17th, 2013 by Oliver Merk

Agile development teams often need to share code while in the heat of battle.At the high end of the scale, there are publicly-accessible repositories, such as GitHub. Creating a GitHub project is obviously overkill for those wishing to simply pass a few key lines of code to their buddy in the next seat.For stand-alone, runnable demo code, sites like Plunker and JSFiddle  are great. You will see references…

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BlackBerry 10/Qt Libraries and Namespaces - New Toronto Group

BlackBerry 10/Qt Libraries and Namespaces

| April 02th, 2013 by Default Admin User

A quick note for those developing C++ libraries with Qt (hopefully for BlackBerry 10). You should use a namespace(s) to group your library code together and to avoid conflict with other libraries and the users' code. When working with Qt however, some extra considerations need to be taken into account if you plan on using Qt's signal/slot mechanisms. In Qt 4.x (the latest version of Qt available for…

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Debugging WebWorks applications using the PlayBook simulator and Google Chrome - New Toronto Group

Getting repetitive tasks done quickly and efficiently

| February 20th, 2013 by Rod Nolan

I'm working on a project right now where I often have to grab a master copy of a single file, paste it into my current working directory and open it for editing. My environment is Windows 7.Since the master file exists in a static location, I wrote a batch script to copy the file into my current directory and open it. copy %ANT_HOME%\..\..\build.xml . /-Y build.xmlThe first line of this script will…

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Faster QProperty Coding - New Toronto Group

I Love You Implicitly

| February 04th, 2013 by Sean Hopen

I can see that learning to develop with C++ and Qt can be daunting at first. Here's my tip: If you're learning Cascades, make sure you don't skim over "Implicit Sharing". It's a very cool feature of Qt/Cascades, that lets  you relax about memory management, and stay efficient at the same time. Briefly, implicit sharing allows you to pass objects around in arguments and return values without making…

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Debugging WebWorks applications using the PlayBook simulator and Google Chrome - New Toronto Group

Virtual directories with RippleSites? Sort of, sure.

| October 16th, 2012 by Rod Nolan

By Rod Nolan - consultantI've always used IIS or Apache when I needed a web server in my development environment. But as a BlackBerry developer, the Ripple Mobile Environment Emulator has become a more important part of my toolkit. And the latest version includes a built in web server. So I recently put IIS on the shelf and decided to trade port 80 for port 9910.I make regular use of virtual directories…

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Getting Started with BB10 Development - New Toronto Group

Getting Started with BB10 Development

| July 17th, 2012 by Ryan Renna

BB10 is expected to power the next-generation of RIM handsets and tablets. With four different development approaches supported, many people may wonder which approach is right for them.The development options avaliable to BB10 developers each have pros and cons, but many developers will want to jump into development as fast as possible. To get up and running quickly, you may want to choose a path that…

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Debugging WebWorks applications using the PlayBook simulator and Google Chrome - New Toronto Group

Getting started with AIR and BB10

| May 23th, 2012 by Rod Nolan

I just started to play with the latest BB10 SDK for Adobe AIR. I had a couple of issues right away so I’m going to document them here to save you the headache. First, make sure you download the correct SDK. Sounds simple, I know, but it wasn’t immediately apparent that there are currently two different SDKs available for download. BlackBerry PlayBook SDK for Adobe AIR, easy to find but not the…

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