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NTG Seminar: Responsive Design for Developers

| August 21th, 2014 by Ed Van Beilen

The above quote was written in 2012 by Jeffrey Veen, VP Products, Adobe, Co-Founder Typekit.  Even more so in 2014, we are seeing the trend towards mobile continue to accelerate. We are also seeing the number of browsers and devices we need to support continue to grow. Our clients are asking for HTML5 applications to run cross platform and cross device. How do we efficiently build web sites and web…

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Playing Sounds in All Browsers on All Platforms - New Toronto Group

Playing Sounds in All Browsers on All Platforms

| May 28th, 2014 by Default Admin User

That said, it's fairly straight forward to give the user a way to play a song, but to trigger a sound from JavaScript on all desktop and mobile browsers is not simple -- until now. Different browsers support different ways to play audio, each browser also supports different audio encoding formats. This is the most concise way I've discovered to play a sound on all popular browsers and platforms. The…

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Why is Flash Still Relevant? - New Toronto Group

Faster testing for BlackBerry WebWorks apps

| May 27th, 2013 by Rod Nolan

If you are a web developer, this post will help you save time. It's about a tool called Live Reload and I use it speed up the testing process when I'm developing BlackBerry WebWorks apps. Live Reload allows you to put a watch on a folder so that whenever any file within that folder is saved, browsers that are connected to the associated URL can be instructed to refresh themselves automatically. WebWorks…

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Why We Should Snub Old Browsers - New Toronto Group

The Gist of Code Sharing

| April 17th, 2013 by Oliver Merk

Agile development teams often need to share code while in the heat of battle.At the high end of the scale, there are publicly-accessible repositories, such as GitHub. Creating a GitHub project is obviously overkill for those wishing to simply pass a few key lines of code to their buddy in the next seat.For stand-alone, runnable demo code, sites like Plunker and JSFiddle  are great. You will see references…

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AngularJS - Promises - New Toronto Group

AngularJS - Promises

| April 03th, 2013 by Alain Thibodeau

AngularJS comes with promise/deferred APIs that are simple to set up and are also built into the $http API. The Angular promise is basically a guarantee that some code will be fulfilled after other parts are done.Single Promise:myApp.controller('myController', ['$scope', '$q', function ($scope, $q) { var defer = $q.defer(); defer.promise.then(function () { $scope.$emit('shoutEvent', {'message' : 'I…

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Adding an X to Close a noty.js Notification - New Toronto Group

Adding an X to Close a noty.js Notification

| February 04th, 2013 by Chad Upton

By Chad Upton - senior consultantNoty is a jQuery plugin for doing popup notifications in a browser. They're simple, pretty, and they slide in like toast style notifications on the desktop.They can be positioned at the top, side, bottom or even in a custom container. Here's a screen capture of one that slides in from the top:Noty does have a built in way to do confirmation buttons, but it adds an additional…

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Adding an X to Close a noty.js Notification - New Toronto Group

Animating CSS Properties with jQuery

| August 02th, 2012 by Chad Upton

By Chad Upton - senior consultantjQuery is a seemingly endless tool for making advanced tasks easy and cross browser compatible. One of those tasks is animation, and jQuery is great at it.For example, lets say we're building a shopping cart application and we'd like to grow and shrink a product image when a user clicks on it. Here's the HTML tag for the image:[cc lang="javascript" escaped="true" line_numbers="false"…

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Why We Should Snub Old Browsers - New Toronto Group

BlackBerry Hackathons - Come out and Play(Book)!

| May 16th, 2012 by Oliver Merk

I'm currently in Bogotá, Colombia taking part in my third Hackathon on behalf of RIM. These hackathons are two-day events where local developers get the opportunity to interact directly with experts in PlayBook development. They also get a free PlayBook just for showing up!We typically have a team of three experts covering AIR, HTML5/WebWorks and Native development. Most of the events have been focused…

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Why We Should Snub Old Browsers - New Toronto Group

JavaScript Developer Survey

| December 04th, 2011 by Oliver Merk

Looks like this is turning into an annual event. Given JavaScript's importance in the Mobile/HTML5 space, it will be interesting to see how developers are using it: 

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Why We Should Snub Old Browsers - New Toronto Group

Links roundup

| November 04th, 2011 by Oliver Merk

Here are a few unrelated links I’d like to pass on for your reading pleasure. Opportunistic Refactoring by Martin Fowler, author of the best programming book ever (Refactoring).  I’ve been preaching this one for a long time: “while you’re in there, refactor any smelly code, but don’t get caught in a death spiral”.    jQuery4u – lots…

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