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Faster QProperty Coding - New Toronto Group

Faster QProperty Coding

| June 25th, 2013 by Sean Hopen

A number of my students have been asking about an easier way of creating QProperties. QProperties are great, but they can take a bit of time to create.  The basic declaration is simple enough… Q_PROPERTY ( int size READ size WRITE set Size NOTIFY sizeChanged FINAL); …but then you have to write the getter, the setter, a signal, their declarations and implementations. Each QProperty takes a minimum…

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Faster testing for BlackBerry WebWorks apps - New Toronto Group

Faster testing for BlackBerry WebWorks apps

| May 27th, 2013 by Rod Nolan

If you are a web developer, this post will help you save time. It's about a tool called Live Reload and I use it speed up the testing process when I'm developing BlackBerry WebWorks apps. Live Reload allows you to put a watch on a folder so that whenever any file within that folder is saved, browsers that are connected to the associated URL can be instructed to refresh themselves automatically. WebWorks…

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Up and running iOS development - New Toronto Group

Up and running iOS development

| April 30th, 2013 by Ryan Renna

Creating an iOS application can be a daunting task. From design and architecture to testing and deploying, there's a lot to think about. Luckily, you don't have to start from scratch, as most of the problems you'll run into have already been solved by someone else. The internet is filled with a great selection of reusable components and libraries which can be used to jump-start your next iOS project. User…

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Faster QProperty Coding - New Toronto Group

I Love You Implicitly

| February 04th, 2013 by Sean Hopen

I can see that learning to develop with C++ and Qt can be daunting at first. Here's my tip: If you're learning Cascades, make sure you don't skim over "Implicit Sharing". It's a very cool feature of Qt/Cascades, that lets  you relax about memory management, and stay efficient at the same time. Briefly, implicit sharing allows you to pass objects around in arguments and return values without making…

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Faster testing for BlackBerry WebWorks apps - New Toronto Group

Virtual directories with RippleSites? Sort of, sure.

| October 16th, 2012 by Rod Nolan

By Rod Nolan - consultantI've always used IIS or Apache when I needed a web server in my development environment. But as a BlackBerry developer, the Ripple Mobile Environment Emulator has become a more important part of my toolkit. And the latest version includes a built in web server. So I recently put IIS on the shelf and decided to trade port 80 for port 9910.I make regular use of virtual directories…

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Appcelerator webinar - 4 Steps to Creating a Mobile Development Strategy - June 13, 2012 - New Toronto Group

Appcelerator webinar - 4 Steps to Creating a Mobile Development Strategy - June 13, 2012

| June 04th, 2012 by Ed Van Beilen

During this webinar we will also answer some of the most common mobile development questions, such as: How can you reuse your development code when deploying from one device to the next? How do you build mobile apps for multiple devices using your web team? How can you use your existing web software, apps, and information in your mobile apps? Appcelerator makes Titanium, the leading mobile…

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Enterprise Mobile App Survey - New Toronto Group

Webinar Reminder

| May 31th, 2012 by Jordan McRae

A reminder about our upcoming webinar on June 13th at 1pm EST. During this webinar NTG and Appcelerator will discuss mobile development strategies. We are particularly excited that Appcelerator's Mike King will be joining us to share his thoughts and insight. Prior to joining Appcelerator, Mike was Research Director for Mobile at the Gartner Group. He has authored Gartner's Magic Quadrants for MCAP…

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Enterprise Mobile App Survey - New Toronto Group

4 Steps to Create a Mobile Development Strategy

| May 23th, 2012 by Jordan McRae

Probably the single most common question I hear when talking to companies about their mobile projects is along the lines of:  How can I use a single code base to support Native, Hybrid and mobile web applications?This is not at all surprising. Mobile apps can help organizations to better reach customers, or improve internal workflows, or reinforce their brand, or deliver a myriad of other benefits.…

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JavaScript Developer Survey - New Toronto Group

BlackBerry Hackathons - Come out and Play(Book)!

| May 16th, 2012 by Oliver Merk

I'm currently in Bogotá, Colombia taking part in my third Hackathon on behalf of RIM. These hackathons are two-day events where local developers get the opportunity to interact directly with experts in PlayBook development. They also get a free PlayBook just for showing up!We typically have a team of three experts covering AIR, HTML5/WebWorks and Native development. Most of the events have been focused…

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Flex Mobile: IconItemRenderer Example - New Toronto Group

Flex Mobile: Skinning the ActionBar

| January 25th, 2012 by Alain Thibodeau

By Alain Thibodeau - ConsultantIn a Flex mobile application, the ActionBar is the main bar at the top which contains several content areas. These areas consists of the titleDisplay, actionGroup, titleGroup and navigationGroup skin parts. With a custom skin you can move these skin parts where you need them and add background images.I first hit Photoshop and created my visuals for the ActionBar as shown…

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