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"Articulate Studio Pro 13 Essentials" provides students with the knowledge and hands-on practice they need to rapidly develop e-Learning course modules, create compelling Flash presentations and interactive simulations. Users will also learn how to add interactivity and narration to their Powerpoint presentations. In addition to learning key concepts, students will also learn best practices for creating quizzes with Articulate Quizmaker and publishing projects.



2 Days


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To gain the most from this class, you should already:

  • Be familiar with the Microsoft Windows operating system
  • Be familiar with using Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Be familiar with basic computer terminology



Lesson 1 – Product Introduction

  • Introduction Articulate Presenter 13
  • Introduction Articulate Quizmaker 13
  • Introduction Articulate Engage 13

Lesson 2 – Best kept secrets of an Elearning Template

  • Design Best Practices for PowerPoint
  • A Topical Approach to Course Design
  • Presenter Notes and Animations

Lesson 3 – Recording and Inserting Audio

  • Best Practices for Recording Narration
  • Recording Slide Narration
  • Synchronizing Animation Timings
  • Importing Audio
  • Using the Audio Editor
  • Adding Animations

Lesson 4 – Best Practices for Engage Interactions

  • Defining a Variety of Engage Interactions
  • Adding Characters to your Interactions
  • Creating Effective Interactions (Process, Labeled Graphic, Tabs, Circle Diagram, Timeline, Media Tour, FAQ, Pyramid Guided Images, Glossary, Community Interactions)
  • Choosing the Right Engage Interaction

Lesson 5 – Create and Insert Quizmaker Quizzes

  • Best Practices for Quizzes and Learning Games
  • Using the 3 Types of Learning Games (Choice, Word Quiz, Sequence)
  • Creating Effective Quizmaker Quizzes (True/False, Multiple Choice, Multiple Responses, Fill in the Blank, Word Bank, Drag and Drop, Matching Drop-down, Sequence Drag and Drop, Sequence Drop-down, Numeric, Hotspot)
  • Creating Effective Quizmaker Survey Questions (Likert Scale, Pick One, Pick Many, Which Word, Short Answer, Essay, Ranking Drop and Drag, Ranking Drop-down, How Many, Explanation)
  • Importing your Quizzes from Microsoft Excel
  • Customizing Feedback Message layers
  • Choosing the Right Question Type
  • Scoring and Reporting Quiz Results
  • Integration with Articulate Presenter
  • Publishing with Articulate Presenter

Lesson 6 – Adding Flash Media

  • Best Practices for Using Flash Movies
  • Importing Other Video Types
  • Embedding Flash Media
  • Setting Display Options

Lesson 7 – Inserting Web Objects & Attachments

  • Apply Animations to Animated GIFs, SmartArt, and Text
  • Best Practices for Using Web Objects
  • Embedded Web Objects
  • Display and Size Options
  • Best Practices for Using Attachments
  • Using Web Links and File Attachments

Lesson 8 – Using Slide Properties

  • Changing Slide Titles
  • Understanding Course Levels
  • Hiding Slides
  • Branching and Locking Slides
  • Slide Transitions
  • Slide View Options
  • Selecting Presenters
  • Selecting Audio Playlists
  • Slide Navigation Options

Lesson 9 – Setting the Presentation Options

  • Adding Logos
  • Adding Presenters
  • Adding Playlists
  • Quality Settings and Preferences

Lesson 10 – Player Templates

  • Layout Options
  • Navigation Options
  • Player Controls
  • Text Label Options
  • Setting and Editing Color Schemes
  • Browser Settings

Lesson 11 – Publishing Options

  • Publish for Tablet: HTML5 exportation
  • Publish for Web Delivery
  • Publish for an LMS
  • Publish for CD Delivery
  • Publish to Articulate Online