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Wallaby - More HTML5 Love from Adobe - New Toronto Group

Wallaby - More HTML5 Love from Adobe

| March 09th, 2011 by Oliver Merk

In another attempt to get Flash apps onto the iPad, oops, I mean, in an attempt to show how much they love HTML5, Adobe has released an early version of a new technology, called Wallaby, on their Labs site ( converts .FLA files created in Flash Professional into HTML5. There was a preview of this at last year's MAX conference and there was an audible…

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Flex Code Coverage in Flash Builder - New Toronto Group

Flex Code Coverage in Flash Builder

| March 02th, 2011 by Derek Santos

If you've ever written an automated test, then you know that code coverage can be invaluable to your team.  It lets you know how much of your code is  being tested and where improvements can be made.  For Flex, tools like FlexCover have served this purpose.  Since September 2010 however, you can use a coverage plugin for Flash Builder.  This plugin for Flash Builder allows you to see code coverage…

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NTG Now Offers HTML5 Training - New Toronto Group

NTG Now Offers HTML5 Training

| March 01th, 2011 by Ed Van Beilen

As part of its specialization in Mobile Application Development the New Toronto Group is now offering HTML5 courses. NTG has a long history of Rich Internet Application development and we have recently expanded that practice to include HTML5 on mobile platforms.Students of our Essentials of HTML5 training course can benefit from the insights of instructors who are experienced developers on these RIA…

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