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A Coffee Break with CoffeeScript - New Toronto Group

A Coffee Break with CoffeeScript

| July 31th, 2012 by Sean Hopen

Yesterday we were having a little water-cooler conversation admiring CoffeeScript.I had a look at this a while ago, when I was first investigating JavaScript. I remember liking it then, and looking at the syntax again, I think it's pretty cool.Today, I Googled around to check out some criticism from people that had actually used it, and I found some interesting links, including the "A Case Against…

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Getting Started with BB10 Development - New Toronto Group

Getting Started with BB10 Development

| July 17th, 2012 by Ryan Renna

BB10 is expected to power the next-generation of RIM handsets and tablets. With four different development approaches supported, many people may wonder which approach is right for them.The development options avaliable to BB10 developers each have pros and cons, but many developers will want to jump into development as fast as possible. To get up and running quickly, you may want to choose a path that…

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