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AndroidTO - 2012 - New Toronto Group

AndroidTO - 2012

| October 26th, 2012 by Alain Thibodeau

By Alain Thibodeau - ConsultantA few of us attended AndroidTO yesterday. This full day event was full of exciting talks in three different tracks: developer, designer and business. I stayed in the developer track for most of the day; for me there were a few sessions that stood out. Peter O'Blenis: Rethinking Mobile UX - The Era of the Natural User Interface (NUI)I've always been interested in the area…

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5 Cool Things About CoffeeScript - New Toronto Group

5 Cool Things About CoffeeScript

| October 22th, 2012 by Derek Santos

By Derek Santos - consultantI've been experimenting with CoffeeScript lately and wanted to pass along some things I really like about it.1. It writes very good JavaScriptCoffeeScript compiles to JavaScript that follows best practices and sticks to JavaScript's good parts. For example:== always turns into ===Code automatically gets wrapped with a self calling function to protect its scopevar declarations…

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Virtual directories with RippleSites? Sort of, sure. - New Toronto Group

Virtual directories with RippleSites? Sort of, sure.

| October 16th, 2012 by Rod Nolan

By Rod Nolan - consultantI've always used IIS or Apache when I needed a web server in my development environment. But as a BlackBerry developer, the Ripple Mobile Environment Emulator has become a more important part of my toolkit. And the latest version includes a built in web server. So I recently put IIS on the shelf and decided to trade port 80 for port 9910.I make regular use of virtual directories…

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