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Faster QProperty Coding - New Toronto Group

Faster QProperty Coding

| June 25th, 2013 by Sean Hopen

A number of my students have been asking about an easier way of creating QProperties. QProperties are great, but they can take a bit of time to create.  The basic declaration is simple enough… Q_PROPERTY ( int size READ size WRITE set Size NOTIFY sizeChanged FINAL); …but then you have to write the getter, the setter, a signal, their declarations and implementations. Each QProperty takes a minimum…

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Adobe Captivate 7 is now available! - New Toronto Group

Adobe Captivate 7 is now available!

| June 05th, 2013 by Andrew Smith

Described as "everything you need to create everything for e-Learning," Captivate 7 looks like it has some valuable features that will take savvy eLearning creators to the next level. So just what kind of features are now available?1) Drag and Drop features: The new drag and drop abilities will give students a higher level of interaction. Learning becomes very visual and action based, providing a fun…

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Ternary Conditional Operator in ActionScript 3 - New Toronto Group

Ternary Conditional Operator in ActionScript 3

| June 05th, 2013 by Chad Upton

By Chad Upton - senior consultantTernary operators exist in most modern programming languages and actionscript is no different. These short operators may look strange if you've never seen them before, but they're very helpful, especially if you want to add conditional arguments to mxml bindings.This is an example of a ternary conditional operator:[cc lang="css" escaped="true" line_numbers="false" theme="blackboard"]var…

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