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Custom Icon Fonts - New Toronto Group

Custom Icon Fonts

| February 25th, 2016 by Jordan McRae

We’ve recently been working on an AngularJS project where we need a wide range of icons in many different situations. We need them for buttons, accordions, dropdowns, inline with text, etc. So we had a large folder full of nicely constructed SVGs, but we needed an easy way to modify their size, color and positioning. We could just as easily add our SVG’s in our markup, but then we run into overcomplicating something that should be simple. We would run into situations where we need to define paths, tags with references for reusability, and so forth. All we need is an icon in our view with varying sizes and colours, so why not handle them the same way that we would handle our fonts with CSS? This is also a great way to have much more control over responsive design for both desktop and mobile UI.

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Styling  AngularJS UI Bootstrap Tabs - New Toronto Group

Styling AngularJS UI Bootstrap Tabs

| February 09th, 2016 by Chad Upton

When you're building with AngularJS UI Bootstrap and want to give your tabbed application that custom look, then you're in the right place!

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